Behind the Scenery

Artist Statement

Home is central to my life. As I walk down the streets of my suburban neighborhood, past the carefully trimmed yards and modest houses, I find myself experiencing memories and feelings of life in my childhood homes.

Most people who live here walk past all of this on their way to someplace else. I walk, stop, and look. The lines, shapes, and colors create formal compositions, and they’re alive with curiosity. It may be how the windows and shrubs combine to give a house a familiar face. It may be a sleepy-looking tree who appears to be just waking up. Perhaps there’s a hint of mystery just around the corner that brings memories of childhood to life.

With my camera, I redefine places where people live, creating new boundaries that communicate my own personal relationships with the scenes. My intent is to allow each person to develop a rapport with the photographs and experience them through their own feelings and memories.

Jody Lepinot, May 2017

The Conversation

The Conversation