My name is Jody Lepinot. My photography is inspired by the human qualities of my vintage two-flat in Skokie, Illinois, where I live with my large orange tiger cat, Boo. My Mom, who turned 93 this year, lives in the flat downstairs so we can take care of each other.

I’m an adjunct instructor in the Art and Design Department of Oakton Community College in suburban Chicago, where I’ve taught for nearly eighteen years. I enjoy developing and teaching courses on both introductory and advanced topics in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. My students are in both the photography and graphic design programs. In addition to teaching at the college, I offer custom Photoshop instruction to help professional photographers learn to use the software effectively in their work. I’m also a “color geek” and I give presentations on Color Management for photography clubs and professional groups.

My educational background is in both art and science. I studied Veterinary Medicine and graduated from Michigan State University with a DVM degree in 1978. After that, I was working towards a post-doctoral degree in veterinary physiology, and while preparing my presentation materials for conferences, I made a very important discovery. I really wanted to pursue art as my profession. This led me to Michigan State University’s Department of Art, where I graduated in 1984 with a BFA in Graphic Design. Over the next 15 years, I was involved in the creation and sales of my own greeting card lines. I also represented other artists’ original card lines across metropolitan Chicago. Since 1999, I’ve been teaching at Oakton College…”and loving it!”

My love of teaching digital art led me to the Academy of Art University’s MFA program in photography. I began with the idea that the degree would help me to expand my teaching opportunities. However, as soon as I started my first classes in 2010, I realized that it was going to mean much more to me. Now, my photography has become a major career focus. My plan after graduation in May of 2017 is to increase my teaching repertoire to include Digital Photography, while pursuing my fine art photography.

Jody Lepinot


Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch